Each year, nearly 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career
transition. Turnover is expensive, so it’s important to support new employees with
comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success.


We provide that one simple solution for benefits & HR! 

  • Easily manage employee benefits, onboarding and compliance in one central location!
  • Eliminate your need to input data…period! 
  • Your new hires can log in and complete their W4s & I9s themselves. 
    This information is automatically integrated into your benefits platform. 


As your employees enroll in benefits, their elections and waivers are recorded and
documented as their permanent record.  Benefit elections are finalized with the
employee’s signature, either electronic or digital, that is also time & date-stamped.

Any future changes in address, benefits, salary, etc. are added to each employee’s historical record.  This provides a valuable paper trail if a DOL audit ever arises in the future. 


Reduce your HR workload!

 Your HR workload is reduced by coordinating payroll, benefits, and HR from this single system. Employees receive and complete their I9s, W4s, company handbooks, and​ carrier-specific enrollment forms...all online!   You can enroll any and all carriers and benefit types…no problem!