Here at Preferred Benefits Plus we are excited about the latest addition of services that will lessen your load as an HR Director.  From pre-DOL audit reviews to Employee Handbook updates to HR Onboarding...we have what your company needs!
Check out how these services can increase the efficiency in your HR Department while reducing your future liabilities!  ​And then, give us a shout for a complimentary review! 


Local Experience...Local Service

With over 40 years of experience, we have built our reputation on helping business owners in the Ark-LA-Tex region contain the cost of their benefits package from year to year.  Much of our success has centered around educating their employees and employing them to be better consumers of their healthcare dollars.

 By using customized Employee Benefit Guides and conducting personal group educational    meetings, we can achieve optimal comprehension as well as much improved retention of all benefits.  To assure better understanding, we will schedule "Town Hall" meetings, as necessary.  Better educated employees mean smarter decisions on your healthcare dollars!


Taking Care of Your Business

It is impossible to know what, if any, of our services your company may need.  That is why we always start with a complimentary review of your current situation.

From this starting point, we can formulate the best recommendations to meet your needs.
Call us today to set up a 20 minute slot on your schedule for this first step.  

We are confident your time will prove a wise investment in the future that could lead to significant improvements in efficiency and savings!


Our Portfolio Includes

  • ERISA law firm for recommendations
  • Cost-Containment Self-Funding TPA
  • Technology-Leading Wellness Program
  • Pre-DOL Audit preparation
  • Full-service claims asisstance for employees
  • New Hire enrollments throughout year
  • HR Onboarding services
  • Electronic Benefits Administration
  • HRA, FSA & HSA administration
  • Consumer-Driven Health Plans
  • Medical GAP Plans
  • Identity Theft Plans
  • Cancer,Critical Illness & Accident Plans